Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tile backsplash mural

Like most everyone else on Long Island, my clients LOVE going to the beach with their kids.  Their house is on the water, and they love looking out their kitchen window.  To bring some of that outdoors inside, I was commissioned to paint one of their favorite photos onto their tumbled marble backsplash.  Although the photo was taken during the day, my clients definitely wanted a sunset sky.  They worked closely with me to choose the exact colors.  If this was painted as a true sunset scene, the water and sky would be much deeper in color, as well as the sand.  But that's the beauty of a custom commission!

First the tiles were primed, and then I painted the scene with acrylic glazes.  After curing for several days, I sealed the mural with several coats of Modern Masters Dead Flat Varnish.  Love that product.

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