Friday, July 8, 2011

Staircase - Phase Two

Ever since they bought their home, my clients hated the orange woodtones on their staircase and front door. They wanted a deep, rich-looking woodgrain. Here, I have applied blue tape to protect the damask design on the risers. The next step was to prime, and then basecoat the steps and bannisters. Once that was dry, I manipulated glazes that I custom mixed to create the tones they wanted. After applying the "woodgrain" effect, I had to wait 24 hours before going back to apply three coats of a waterbased polyurethane. They will now enjoy years and years of their new staircase. End of Phase Two!

Next on the agenda, is doing the front door to match the staircase.

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  1. It turned out really nice, Debbie! I love the stencil and the darker look to the rest of the stairs. I'll bet it was fun doing those spindles! : ) Ever since blogging and seeing how nice a dark step looks with a white riser I've wanted to do that. Now we are downsizing {to one level living} so I won't get the chance, but it will always be a favorite look.

  2. Thanks Regina.

    Kathy, hopefully one day you'll have a client where you can utilize this look!

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