Friday, July 8, 2011

Staircase - Phase Two

Ever since they bought their home, my clients hated the orange woodtones on their staircase and front door. They wanted a deep, rich-looking woodgrain. Here, I have applied blue tape to protect the damask design on the risers. The next step was to prime, and then basecoat the steps and bannisters. Once that was dry, I manipulated glazes that I custom mixed to create the tones they wanted. After applying the "woodgrain" effect, I had to wait 24 hours before going back to apply three coats of a waterbased polyurethane. They will now enjoy years and years of their new staircase. End of Phase Two!

Next on the agenda, is doing the front door to match the staircase.

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Staircase with Damask Pattern

Well, here are the AFTER pictures. It wasn't fun on my knees or back, but the end result was worth it. Stay tuned for Phase Two.

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Staircase Ideas

I just came across a fabulous blog post entitled "Stairway to Heaven". As an artist, I certainly do find this staircase heavenly. Can't you just visualize it inside a summer home on the beach?

This reminded me to go through my pictures and pull out a staircase I did for a client. I actually did it in two phases. Here is a BEFORE picture.

In the first phase, I applied a shimmery metallic plaster called Lusterstone on the white risers. Once dry, I stenciled a design on top. The stencil I used was Fabric Damask by Melanie Royal of Royal Design Studio, one of the leading pioneers in our industry. I first used the stencil in the living room to the left of the staircase, inside four raised panels in the room. As much as it broke my heart, I chose to cut the stencil to the height of the risers to make the job SO much easier. Sometimes the time saved is just worth the cost of destroying a stencil.

One day, I promise I will figure out how to combine pictures from different sources into one post. But for now, I'll have to end this one and go find my AFTER pictures!
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Literal Meaning to Hand Painting

I decided to allow myself a few minutes to indulge in browsing the Internet. First, I came upon a Tweet by a Canadian artist, Barbara Rocha. I decided to "follow" her, which led me to her website, Paint A Lifestyle. In turn, that led me to her blog, and one of her recent posts, where I provide the link below. It links to work of an amazing artist, Guido Danniele. Enjoy this eye candy (or shall I say hand candy?!) on this beautiful Saturday morning.