Monday, March 28, 2011

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover - AFTER

Well, my clients were thrilled when they came home from vacation and found their "new" kitchen. It's such an honor to be trusted in someone's home while they are away for a week. Seems like whenever they called to check in, day or night, I was still there. They would kid me that I must be having wild parties while they were gone. I actually was having fun, working in their garage, step by step, day by day, to give a second life to their cabinets.

After cleaning, prepping and priming the cabinets, I painted them a custom cream color. Then I rubbed a chocolate brown glaze all over the doors and moldings, making sure the glaze sat perfectly in all the crevices. The final step was to apply three coats of a water-based sealer. It was a nice break from climbing a ladder all week long. And of course, the best part is always my clients' reaction when they come home to see their makeover completed.
"It feels like we live in a kitchen showroom now!" Marcia M., Melville

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