Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cloudy Skies

Here are a few "Before" shots of a client's bathroom.
He wanted to be able to look up from his whirlpool tub and
feel like he was outdoors on a cloudy day.

This was tricky to accomplish for a few reasons. One, the angles of the ceiling
had to be taken into consideration when planning out the clouds. Everything
had to have a continuous flow. Second, a platform had to be built on top of the tub,
and I had to balance myself on a ladder on the boards, while looking up with my arms
raised above me as I painted. It was quite a challenge. But as always, the end
result was worth it, and my client was elated with his cloudscape.

This little cloud that peaks out on the bottom, near the center of this
pictures, happens to be my favorite part out of the whole ceiling!

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